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GTC LTD - INTERLANE SERVICES - TRIPLE MEAT TRADE is a FOOD EXPORT COMPANY FROM POLAND with experience in MEAT INDUSTRY, that delivers tailor made food products from Europe. The company has 14 years of experience in the food export industry. We have started with service production, this is why we know factory equipment related to the food production process. We cooperate with factories with highest quality certificates (ISO, HACCP). We have partnership with INTERLANE SERVICES LTD and TRIPLE MEAT TRADE LTD.

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Management & Team

Adam Życzkowski
Chairman of the Board

Expert in the field of business management. PhD student in management sciences. As the author of many scientific publications, he demonstrates not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills in business management, communication, effective time management and coping with stress. He has extensive knowledge in the field of finance and financial markets, which, combined with professional and expert experience in building, implementing and managing processes and products, creates a solid foundation of his skills.

Many years of practice in areas such as presentations, public speaking, marketing and cooperation with renowned financial institutions, including Deutsche Bank, Bank Pocztowy and Nest Bank, proves the advanced level of his competences and skills in management and communication.

He gained his experience and practice in many organizations, including Proferto, Sales Group, FinUp, Fintegra, Ansuz Business Development Center, M.I.8 and GTC LTD.